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A clear, compassionate and critical read for these times. This book will give those who believe renewed confidence in why they believe; and it will help those yet to believe to find the key answers they seek.

Keith and Kristyn Getty


Our hope is that by reading these books our brothers and sisters can grow in their spiritual life.

We know that very few Christians read books but we want to encourage our brothers and sisters to read and that is why we are giving away these books. We will send you 2 copies of this book so that you can gift one book to a friend.

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If you desire to continue receiving books under this scheme, then you must send us a reflection of this book. If you do this then you will be a part of our programme "Book Partner" under which we would offer you a copy of each new book printed under this scheme (you would have to pay the postal cost).

How To Go About It

  1. Within 30 days of receiving the book you should send us a self written one or two page of your thoughts about the book. 

  2. You may send this via email, post or even click a clear picture and send it to us on the number given below.

  3. You will be primarily answering these three questions

  • what is the main topic of this book?

  • what are the new things that you have learnt from this book

  • how has this book changed your thoughts about God and his control over natural disasters/epidemic.


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